Academic developments

2014 promises to be a busy year at Cavendish School of English and this year there should be an even more international feel about the place as students from all over the world plan to study here.

During the rather wet wintery months the academic team have been busy collaborating and developing material which will go into the new Cavendish Course books for 2014. One of the major developments is the A- level syllabus which will be delivered to students on specialist courses preparing them for arbiter exams in Germany. The new material will be piloted in April by A– level course leaders and hopefully prove a success and lead to raising exam results for students.

Much of the focus over the next few months will be on recruitment and developing our teaching team. We are already beginning teacher inductions for the summer season. Continual professional development is of key importance too and there are plans for input sessions on safeguarding children and achieving differentiation in the classroom.

Another exciting aspect to Cavendish School is within the adult department. With the recent implication of an e-library and a new reading zone for adult learners expected in April 2014, Cavendish students should be able to get more from their study time. Until now, Cavendish School has not had such a reading facility for adults, but careful collaboration with a fabulous representative from Oxford University Press means Cavendish School will soon have up to 200 new graded readers for students to borrow and learn from in their free time.

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Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees

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