‘All you need is love’ – Valentine’s Party at Cavendish!

Some people like this celebration of love and romance, some people don’t… but we decided to organise a Valentine’s Party because we love our students! They had lots of fun while doing Valentine fun activities…

First, the students were supposed to look at some funny Valentine’s pick-up lines and explain why they make people smile. Take a look at some of them…can you guess the meaning yourself?

Take a look at some of them…can you guess the meaning yourself?




valentine 1








Then, the students were given a list of ‘I love you’ expressions written in different languages. As you can see in the photo they were trying really hard to guess the languages.

But the funniest part for the students was popping the balloons with the darts. The balloons had some funny love predictions inside, so they had to use the dart to pop the balloon and read a love prediction for another student. Mario for example got to know that he will have 15 children in the future…Congratulations Mario, sounds like fun 😉

Valentine 3









Jose is about to throw the dart

Valentine 4









They couldn’t stop laughing…









Valentine 8








We hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Party!

Thank you for your involvement, we had a great laugh together!

With love,

Cavendish team

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