Cavendish school at English UK South conference

Recently, our Assistant Directors of Studies Magdalena and Shane, along with our teacher Muzzy, took part in the English UK South conference. This institution helps to raise standards across English language schools in the UK both in Management and Academic areas.

Attending this conference was very important for us because Cavendish School of English is committed to delivering the best service to our students. We met with sales representatives of our favourite course books from Oxford and National Geographic and talked about new interesting titles we would like to introduce to our lessons.

We also took part in interesting workshops such as How to Find New Sounds not in your Mother Tongue (by legendary EFL writer Adrian Underhill), Something from Nothing – Paperless Communicative Activities, Using Bloom’s Taxonomy and a very important workshop about British Council standards. As you can see, we make sure that not only are our students improving their skills, but also our teachers and Academic managers!

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Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees

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