Christmas fun at Cavendish School

2018 is here! The Winter holidays may be over now, but we here at Cavendish School of English made sure to have a lot of fun.

Our adult students went ice skating in the Bournemouth Lower Gardens ice rink. It is not an easy winter sport, which they realised after experiencing a couple of falls.
Nevertheless, they never gave up and continued skating for an hour!

We congratulate our students on being brave, especially those who had never seen snow or ice skates before like Jhamil from Colombia, Sultan from Saudi Arabia, and Bruno from Paraguay. Takuya from Japan did really well and Kai was an excellent photographer. Well done guys!

Later, there was plenty of fun to be had at the Christmas party. Students and teachers celebrated with traditional Christmas food and party games.

We also said ‘farewell’ to Bruno and Kai, two of our long term students who finished their courses with advanced certificates. We are proud of these two young and talented men who have great careers ahead!

This is what they said about our school:

Kai – “I have spent quite a long time with you and I have seen nearly 100% of this school and have always felt good. The teachers were very kind, polite and I liked every lesson especially my business classes in the afternoon. I have also liked my host family. The host mum always prepared original dishes and my host dad was fun. I would absolutely recommend Cavendish School to my friends!

Bruno – “In my opinion everything was excellent. I liked the fact that lessons were very interactive and interesting. All the teachers were very friendly and they give you confidence so that you can improve your fluency. I would recommend Cavendish School to everyone because it’s an excellent way to improve your English and to meet new people.

Thank you guys. You will be missed!

We wish you and everyone a very Happy New Year!

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