An ‘Eggcellent’ Easter Party

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During our last conversation club, students were discussing Easter food and traditions. Apart from talking about popular Easter symbols like the Easter bunny, hot cross buns and common traditions like decorating eggs, they also got to know that there is a popular game for children called Easter egg hunt. During this game parents hide Easter eggs all over the house and garden for children to find them. We didn’t hide eggs for our students, but we asked them to solve some Easter hunt clues…

Can you guess the words from these clues?

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Not only did the students expand their knowledge about an Easter celebration, but they also had some fun with Easter games.  As you can see below they took part in… an egg race! They were given the spoons with eggs placed on the top and they were asked to run around the school buildings without touching the eggs with their hands. The winner was the first person to get back to the starting point without breaking the egg.

Ready? Go!

Easter game

Easter game 2

And the winner is….Jerome! What an egg race!

Easter game 3

Manuel was not lucky this time…

We hope you enjoyed the Easter Party at Cavendish School of English!

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