Goodbye Zulay

Our Columbian student Zulay booked a general English course in Cavendish School from January to October. That’s 10 months! Has she improved her English? It’s a rhetorical question! When she came to England her level was pre-intermediate, she left with… the advanced certificate and being fluent in English!

She proved that hard work, attending our conversation clubs, immersing with the English culture by spending time with the host family and the guidance from our qualified teachers can make miracles. We were really happy to read Zulay’s feedback about our school. Her kind words reassured us that we are helping our students in achieving their aims in every possible way:

What did you like about your lessons?

Zulay: Everything. I am so pleased with the extra material we use, not just the book.

What did you like about your teachers?

Zulay: They were always so helpful and patient. They are really involved in the whole learning process. Each time I was confused, they were willing to help me.

Would you recommend Cavendish to your friends?

Zulay: I will do it without any doubt! I don’t have enough space to thank for everything you have done to help me. I felt welcome in an inclusive environment and I was surrounded by an amazing group of friendly people including my classmates, teachers and office workers. My sincere thanks.

This is what her teacher Wayne said about Zulay:
‘It has been a pleasure to watch the progress of Zulay over the last 10 months. She has faced many different challenges over this time and has always come out on the right side. I wish her every success in the future. Cavendish will not be the same!’

Thank you Zulay!
With love,
Cavendish Team

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