Interactive whiteboards as a teaching tool

Here at Cavendish School of English we are always looking for ways to improve our students’ experience and help them to reach their goals.

Almost all classrooms are equipped with the latest interactive whiteboards.
Interactive whiteboards help students learn more effectively and help students achieve a greater understanding of the English language much quicker.
Interactive whiteboards are proven to create a more dynamic and fun learning experience for the students. These teaching tools are powerful and valuable:

  • Course materials are displayed on-screen, with graphics and sounds to keep the lessons interesting.
  • Interactive whiteboards can display material from the Internet, DVDs, CD-ROMs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, etc.
  • Interactive whiteboards provide instant access to online resources allowing teachers to quickly help students with images, graphics or sound files.
  • Teachers can combine words and images, ensuring better comprehension and retention.
  • We use interactive dedicated language games, quizzes and puzzles that make learning more fun.
  • Our students are more engaged in class activities.
  • Unlimited resources available from the click of the mouse!
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Dates and Fees

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