Football Camp

Premium Football Summer Camps in Bournemouth

40 English lessons plus
24 hours of Football training sessions

Course overview

(included in the price, unless otherwise stated)

  • A scheduled complimentary transfer service between London Heathrow Airport and Cavendish School of English is available on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Two other transfer services per weekend day are available to/from Heathrow airport at just £20 per student per way.
  • 40 (2 week stay) English lessons of 40 minutes each (26.7 hours).
  • 24 Football training sessions of 60 minutes each (24 hours) plus a tournament
  • Accommodation is situated in private English accommodation with full board. During the holidays, students may share accommodation (possibly with students of the same nationality) with no more than 2 or 3 beds per room. Of course, we always try to accommodate to the student’s age and personal wishes.

Excursions and activities

  • London twice (including a visit to a Premier League stadium)
  • Bournemouth
  • Sandbanks Beach
  • Poole
  • Christchurch / *RIB speedboat ride
    (*only with our All Inclusive option)

Optional excursions and entertainment
All Inclusive option  •  £35

  • Bowling
  • Splashdown – water park
  • Laser Quest – laser arena
  • Cavendish Cinema
  • RIB Speedboat ride

Thorpe Park  •  £45

  • Admission and transport to England’s largest theme park

Evening Activities

  • Splashdown, Laser Quest and bowling (only with the All Inclusive option)
  • Trip to the beach
  • Cavendish Cinema (only with the All Inclusive option)
  • Bournemouth Pier attractions
  • Karaoke and/or Disco Party at the Cavendish Club

Additional services included in the price

  • High quality sportswear (3 t-shirts and either a football jersey or a goalkeeper jersey)
  • Refreshments during training
  • Map of Bournemouth
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • 24 hour emergency phone number

New  All Inclusive option

This option includes admission to Splashdown water park (one of the largest water parks in Europe); Laser Quest, laser game arena; Bowling; English language film screenings at our Cavendish Cinema and an exciting ride on a RIB speedboat.

Football, Language, Culture, Group Activities and Excursions

The Garden City of Bournemouth is the most well-known seaside resort in the South of England and it attracts many visitors with it’s wide, sandy beaches. Bournemouth is located 150km south-west of London, in the county of Dorset, which is known for its beautiful scenery and being the sunniest spot in England and one of the few to receive the coveted “Blue Flag” award, for only the cleanest, safest and best beaches in Europe.
Most importantly though, its year-round mild climate is great for playing football on grassy, green pitches.

Why choose Cavendish School of English?

Excellent quality at great prices

We recommend that you to look at the services of other language tour operators and language schools. If you compare their services, to those offered by Cavendish School of English, you will see that you are getting a lot more for your money with us.

Some other language schools who seem favourable at first glance may only offer 2-3 trips within a 2 week stay. Instead, Cavendish School of English offer a trip almost every day! These outings are part of the package and are not only exciting and entertaining but also play an important role in the understanding and learning of a language.

We believe that studying a foreign language is best done in the location that speaks it. It is exactly these activities, such as excursions to English cities and sights – such as Winchester, London, Southampton or Stonehenge – where you can listen to the English guides and chat with the locals, that make a language tour so meaningful. Of course, you can also experience the culture and history on offer, not to mention the enjoyment of the experience itself.

If you consider that in England a bus/coach costs roughly the same price as a detached house, you can imagine that renting one is, likewise, an expensive affair. The trips are thus the most expensive part of a language tour and, let’s be honest, what reason is there to offer so few trips?

Why would other language travel providers allow students not to sit all day on a bus? On one hand, the majority of trips only have a short-time at their destination. On the other hand, students have a choice whether to participate in a trip, do sports or any other activity with their peers. Our experience shows that 98% of our students prefer to choose the trips, as they can do sports at home and do not need to travel abroad especially to play their favourite sport.

The reason why we offer more trips than any other organizer is quite easy to explain: There are no other operators with their own private coach & bus company. But what makes the quality-price ratio at Cavendish School of English so much better? We do not cut corners! We can offer prices as low as we do because we own all of our own school buildings, coach services, tour guides, disco hall and a even a speedboat! We only hire from third-party providers if necessary. We pass on this cost advantage to our customers.

A flexible collection and delivery service

Our students will be picked up in the morning by our own buses, near their accommodation and taken to the school or planned outing. Later in the afternoon they’ll be brought back to their accommodation for dinner and picked up again for the evening’s activities, finally being returned for a good night’s rest. Girls will not be left unsupervised to walk long distances on a dark evening. No other language tour operators known to us offer this level of service.


Over 34 years of experience in teaching the English language in England and Malta.

Family Run Business

Cavendish School is a family run business in which 6 family members actively participate in the business and we personally take responsibility for each student. We also have a Welfare officer who is entirely dedicated to looking after Cavendish students.

Private school

Cavendish School of English owns its own large school buildings and boasts 28 full-time employees in addition to 55 teachers. Most other language school operators do not own school grounds and therefore have little to no influence on the premises, accommodation, excursions or activities, which we believe is vitally important to providing a great learning environment.

Quality teaching

Lessons are held by our own qualified language teachers. Some non-accredited language schools often have regional university students as teachers. Even though they are native speakers they lack the appropriate qualifications to be able to teach language skills to foreign students. In addition, we do not ask our group leaders or teachers to be a tour guide, they are exclusively responsible for the supervision of the group.

Online Placement Test

Unlike almost all other language schools, we provide an online placement test prior to the student’s arrival at our school. On one hand, this eliminates the nervousness that many students can feel before a test. On the other hand, and this is the main reason for this service, the students do not lose out on 2 or 3 lessons on their first day by being tested and evaluated. With the confirmation of your reservation, the student receives a special link and is asked to take the online placement test before their departure.

Qualified Guides

All our excursions are accompanied by our own qualified Tour Guides. They are specially trained on the details of all our destinations and in leading groups of foreign language students.

Our ‘own, genuine guides’ are not the type of ‘group leaders’ who lack training and qualifications and whose preparation may only consist of reading out text from the internet about that destination. This is one of the most important points of all. Unlike some language tour operators who publicise, even on their Facebook page, about how they use inexperienced guides, we know the importance of employing quality professional guides.

With us, every guide goes through special training which will, in addition to learning about each destination, allow him or her to adapt to the respective level of English of the visiting students. For instance, students who come from an upper secondary school will enjoy a differently designed excursion to that of a group of 12-year-olds.

The Best and Safest Place in England

Bournemouth is – according to the Marco Polo Travel Guide – not only the most beautiful of the British seaside resorts, but has also been statistically the safest and healthiest city for years throughout Britain. English parents voted Bournemouth the best city to raise children. Moreover, Bournemouth is the sunniest place throughout England, along the greenest city in the entire southern coast, with 10 out of 10 points for the exceptionally beautiful parks. Bournemouth is just a great city!

Perfect place to relax while learning

English in Bournemouth is considered to be clearly spoken and accent-free. Moreover, unlike other popular language school locations, Bournemouth has miles of beautiful, soft sand beach. One of the few in England to receive the coveted “Blue Flag” award, for only the cleanest, safest and best beaches in Europe. All of our students are housed in private accommodation in the conurbation and holiday regions of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole; the best locations to experience English culture and practise speaking with the locals.

Fantastic leisure programmes

As well as fun lessons, there is something going on almost every day. Fantastic Excursions, fun-filled outdoor activities and evening entertainment; our students are never bored!

Care round the clock

All excursions are, in addition to our professional tour guides, also supervised by Team Leaders. Our Team Leaders accompany the students at all times, from their arrival at the airport in England, on all outings and activities, right up until their departure. There is always at least 1 Team Leader to every 15 students, watching out for their welfare.

To ensure the safety of all of our students, we have an emergency phone number which can be called anytime, 24 hours a day, if any trouble arises.

Recommended age

Our Football language camps are recommended for children and teenagers aged 11-17.

Multi-language Team

Although English is the first language spoken, for emergencies we have members of staff from all over the world to help students whose English is not yet good enough to communicate freely. Cavendish School of English employs staff speaking the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Accommodation and catering

Our students, as described earlier, are picked up every morning by our coaches close to their private accommodation and returned there again (up to four times a day as needed). All students stay in approved English private accommodation, so they can get first-hand experience of the language, culture, and people more quickly and directly. The hosts usually inhabit one or two-family houses. All participants will also receive free city maps.

The provided meals are often typical English dishes (breakfast, a packed lunch and hot dinner – including one drink per meal) which is an important part of experiencing any culture. However, during lunch breaks hot meals can be purchased in our canteen at reasonable prices

The language lessons

Cavendish School of English is an international language school, playing host to students of many nationalities with only one language in common – English. This diversity in the classrooms is very beneficial in boosting the English language abilities of our students.

Our lessons are taught by qualified English language teachers. Our students receive 40 lessons per 2 weeks (all lessons lasting 40 minutes, totalling 26.7 hours). The maximum number of students in any one class is 15. Lessons are always held during mornings. All students receive a course book appropriate to their level of knowledge and a certificate upon completing of the course.

The main learning objectives of our teaching is the development and expansion of communication skills, of English vocabulary and of listening and reading comprehension. Besides those, the deepening of English grammar and written exercises are also a priority.

Bend it like Beckham

Our trainers are qualified and licensed FA football coaches and are excellent at teaching English football terminology to non-native speakers.
The 24 training sessions are dived amongst 3 hours per day for 8 days of the 2 week stay. This is a unique opportunity to develop skills using English training methods, here in the motherland of football. The coaches are very experienced in teaching the sport to children and know that the most important aspect is to make sure that everyone involved is having fun.

And at the end of their training, the student’s skills will be put to the test in an exciting international tournament!

On our student’s first excursion to London, they will visit one of the Premier League stadiums in London, either Wembley Stadium, Chelsea stadium at Stamford Bridge or Emirates Stadium (home to Arsenal FC). Which stadium is visited depends upon availability. The participants will receive a guided tour around the pitch, the locker rooms and player’s tunnels, used by stars such as Didier Drogba and John Terry.

But before all that, students will receive their own high quality football kit, consisting of 3 t-shirts and either a football jersey or goalkeeper’s jersey and gloves, (please observe the dress size and uniform type when booking) both high quality items of clothing.

An attractive recreational programme

Our language holidays feature numerous full and half day trips, all of which are lead by our experienced Tour Guides. Our students get 2 full day excursions to London including a sightseeing tour, stadium tour and free time for shopping. Feel free to compare what you get with us against other providers. One of the many locations on our attractive excursion programme is the beautiful Bournemouth. Enjoy a walk along the long sandy beaches and take a dip in the warm sea. Bournemouth also offers a sightseeing tour, a ride on a hot air balloon, a look at the underwater world at the Oceanarium or a visit to the Russel Cotes Art Gallery & Museum.

Other trips include Poole (the largest natural harbour in the world) and Sandbanks beach (the forth most expensive place in the world). When the weather is at its best, students may also be treated to a ride on a *RIB speedboat (*only when booked through the All Inclusive option). Students will also be given opportunities to come along on outings to Splashdown (water park), Laser Quest (laser games arena), bowling and our own Cavendish Cinema.

Optionally, students will have the opportunity to enjoy the rollercoasters of Thorpe Park, Britain’s biggest theme park with over 30 rides (at extra charge).

Entertainment Programmes

Also included in the evening activities is our own on-site Cavendish club, complete with DJ, Karaoke stage, dance floor and a professional entertainment team; everything you need for a great party atmosphere (with the exception of alcohol). Return times are staggered according to age group. All this is included in the course price and completely voluntary.

Cavendish School of English Brochure


Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees

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