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Gold Edition: Junior Summer Courses in Brighton-Ardingly


Gold Edition
Summer Courses
in Brighton-Ardingly

Gold Edition  What is Gold Edition?

Our premium range of Gold Edition courses offer the best high-quality teaching facilities, stunning locations, leisure activities and the best in student catering and accommodation.
Experience life on campus at some of England’s best school locations, from modern classrooms in traditional settings, to the extra-curricular activities such as tennis coaching.

Course overview

(included in the price, unless otherwise stated)

  • All travel whilst in England.
  • 24 English lessons of 40 minutes each (16 hours) per week.
  • Accommodation on campus in single, double or triple bed student rooms.
  • Full board with 3 hot meals per day.


  • 6 excursions (3 full day and 3 half day) per 2 weeks, including:
  • London
  • Brighton
  • Eastbourne
  • Canterbury
  • Hastings
  • Windsor
  • Oxford
  • Additional excursions when staying 3 weeks or longer:
  • London again
  • Worthing
  • Portsmouth
  • Winchester
  • and more!

Activities included in the price

  • Kayaking (on a privately owned lake)
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Circuit Training
  • Swimming (in privately owned pool)
  • Beach games
  • Dance and Drama workshop

Evening Activities

  • Disco parties
  • Cinema
  • Games night
  • Quiz night
  • Murder Mystery event
  • Barbecue

Additional services included in the price

  • Daily entertainment programme
  • A town map
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • 24 hour emergency phone number

Who hasn’t dreamed of studying at one of England’s famous boarding schools? Or to at least experience the atmosphere for a few days? Our courses offer just that. Young people are invited to spend 1 to 8 weeks at these fantastic schools to experience the high-quality learning and leisure programme. Come to have fun, make friends and learn English.

Ardingly College in Brighton is one of England’s most prestigious boarding schools. Surrounded by forest, meadows, hills and ponds, Ardingly college campus covers over 420 acres and boasts its own private lake used for water sports.

Ardingly College consists of a very large school building, a private chapel, a traditional dining hall (which looks like something out of Harry Potter), several student accommodation buildings, a swimming pool, gymnasium, music hall, dance studio and even a theatre! For the sporty students there are 14 football fields, 6 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts and a cricket field.

A regular school year at Ardingly College typically costs about £40,000 in tuition. Thus the quality you can expect from Ardingly College is just as grand. The food is very noteworthy, and nothing at all like what you may expect from a university cafeteria. All three meals a day are prepared hot; from the traditional English breakfast in the morning over a three course lunch to a three course meal in the evening. The students have a choice from several daily dishes, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal options.

Our students have access over the entire school grounds and equal boarding as a full-time student.

Its proximity to Brighton, that the English have affectionately nicknamed as ‘London by the sea’, makes studying at Ardingly College even more interesting. Not only is it a great place for shopping, there is also the long sandy beach , the pier and the famous Royal Pavilion.

What makes Ardingly College a Gold Edition Summer Camp
  • An exceptional language programme which leaves no wish unfulfilled.
  • Everything is included in a one-time cost.
  • Free wifi service for all students across the grounds.
  • Three exceptional meals per day.
  • A barbecue after a long day trip (weather permitting).
  • A huge variety of sporting and leisure activities.
  • Safety and Security. Ardingly College is located on private ground and guarded 24-7.
  • London, Brighton and Eastbourne are all only a short trip away.
  • A maximum class size of 10 students, which is extraordinary among language courses.
  • 24 lessons of English per week (of 40 minutes each).

Why choose Cavendish School of English?

Excellent quality at great prices

We recommend that you to look at the services of other language tour operators. If you compare their services, to those offered by Cavendish School of English, you will see that you are getting a lot more for your money with us.

Some other language tour operators who seem favourable at first glance may only offer 2-3 trips within a 2 week stay. Instead, at Ardingly College we offer a full-day outing every other day. These outings are part of the package and are not only exciting and entertaining but also play an important role in the understanding and learning of a language.

We believe that studying a foreign language is best done in the location that speaks it. It is exactly these activities, such as excursions to English cities and sights – such as Winchester, London, Southampton or Stonehenge – where you can listen to the English guides and chat with the locals, that make a language tour so meaningful. Of course, you can also experience the culture and history on offer, not to mention the enjoyment of the experience itself.

If you consider that a coach costs roughly the same price as a detached house, you can imagine that renting one is, likewise, an expensive affair. The trips are thus the most expensive part of a language tour and, let’s be honest, what reason is there to offer so few trips?

Why would other language travel providers allow students not to sit all day on a bus? On the one hand, the majority of trips only have a short-time at their destination. On the other hand, students have a choice whether to participate in a trip, do sports or any other activity with their peers. Our experience shows that 98% of our students prefer to choose the trips, as they can do sports at home and do not need to travel abroad especially to play their favourite sport.

The reason why we offer more trips than any other organizer is quite easy to explain: There are no other operators with their own private coach company. But what makes the quality-price ratio at Cavendish School of English so much better? It’s because everything is included in one easy package at Ardingly College. The travel, accommodation, catering and learning facilities are all supplied together. We pass on this cost advantage to our customers.


Over 32 years of experience in teaching the English language in England and Malta.

Family Run Business

Cavendish School is a family run business in which 6 family members actively participate in the business and we personally take responsibility for each student. We also have a Welfare officer who is entirely dedicated to looking after Cavendish students.

British Council, Ralsa, English UK

Accredited/Certified Language Tour Operators

Cavendish School of English is accredited by the British Council, English UK and is a certified member of the Regional Accredited Language School Association (RALSA).
In addition, we are a certified language tour operator by the German association FDSV and DIN Certco verified (DIN EN 14804).

High-quality teaching

At Cavendish School of English, we teach out of our own private school location in Bournemouth, where we have 28 full-time members of staff and 55 teachers. It is these English language teachers who will teach the lessons at Ardingly College. The average class size is only 6 – 10 students, so classes can be specially geared towards each student’s level of learning. No one else can offer each student so much personal tutoring in such a great environment. All lessons take place in the mornings, leaving the rest of the day open to trips and activities.

Lessons are held by our own qualified language teachers. Some non-accredited language schools often have regional university students as teachers. Even though they are native speakers they lack the appropriate qualifications to be able to teach language skills to foreign students. In addition, we do not make our group leaders or tour guides teachers, they are exclusively responsible for the supervision of the group.

Online Placement Test

Unlike almost all other language schools, we provide an online placement test prior to the student’s arrival at our school. On one hand, this eliminates the nervousness that many students can feel before a test. On the other hand, and this is the main reason for this service, the students do not lose out on 2 or 3 lessons on their first day by being tested and evaluated. With the confirmation of your reservation, the student receives a special link and is asked to take the online placement test before their departure.

Qualified Guides

All our excursions are accompanied by our own qualified Tour Guides. They are specially trained on the details of all our destinations and in leading groups of foreign language students.

Our ‘own, genuine guides’ are not the type of ‘group leaders’ who lack training and qualifications and whose preparation may only consist of reading out text from the internet about that destination. This is one of the most important points of all. Unlike some language tour operators who publicise, even on their Facebook page, about how they use inexperienced guides, we know the importance of employing quality professional guides.

With us, every guide goes through special training which will, in addition to learning about each destination, allow him or her to adapt to the respective level of English of the visiting students. For instance, students who come from an upper secondary school will enjoy a differently designed excursion to that of a group of 12-year-olds.

A location with everything

Brighton not only offers shopping and the beach, but culture and history as well. You can find everything from restaurants and theatres to museums and antique book shops. Due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, it has been affectionately called the ‘London by the Sea’.

Fantastic leisure programmes

As well as fun lessons, there is something going on almost every day. Fantastic Excursions, fun-filled outdoor activities and evening entertainment; our students are never bored!

Care round the clock

All excursions are, in addition to our professional tour guides, also supervised by Team Leaders. Our Team Leaders accompany the students at all times, from their arrival at the airport in England, on all outings and activities, right up until their departure. There is always at least 1 Team Leader to every 15 students, watching out for their welfare.

To ensure the safety of all of our students, we have an emergency phone number which can be called anytime, 24 hours a day, if any trouble arises.

Recommended age

Our Summer courses are recommended for adolescents ages 10-17. However, any adolescents who travel alone by plane must be 13 years or older, as our care of students begins and ends with their arrival and departure at the British airport.

Accommodation and catering

Our students stay in traditional English, furnished dormitories located right next to the school building. Rooms come in single, double and triple-bed rooms, with desks, shelves, wardrobes and a shared sink. Several shared bathrooms and showers can be found on each floor and wifi is available throughout. The team leaders and carers stay in the same accommodation, so that they are always nearby.

The college campus

This secure, closed campus is surrounded by forests and meadows, away from the town. The grounds cover over 420 acres, including a privately owned lake used for water sports. There is a vast variety of football pitches, basketball courts, a swimming pool, gymnasium, dance studio, theatre, disco and a church available for all students. The campus is guarded by security surveillance 24-7; student safety is taken very seriously at Ardingly College.

Meals are served three times a day from the traditionally themed dining hall where all students eat together, which feels like something out of Harry Potter.

The language lessons

Our lessons are taught by qualified English language teachers (of at least CELTA qualified). Our students receive 24 lessons per weeks (lessons lasting 40 minutes, totalling 16 hours). The maximum number of students in any one class is 10. All lessons take place in the mornings, leaving the rest of the day open to trips and activities.

The main learning objectives are of our teaching is the development and expansion of communication skills, of English vocabulary and of listening and reading comprehension. Besides those, the deepening of English grammar and written exercises are also a priority.

An attractive recreational programme

All activities are included in the price, leaving students spoiled for choice. The various sporting and leisure facilities mentioned above. Those who wish to can take part in a dance or theatre workshop. And then there are the numerous full-day and half-day excursions, lead by our professional tour guides, such as the always favourite trip to London, including a sightseeing tour and shopping trip.

Take a trip to Brighton for the shopping and the beach for an enjoyable walk and paddle in the pleasantly warm sea. If the weather isn’t favourable, there are plenty of indoor alternatives, such as the Royal Pavilion and the underwater oceanarium experience.
Other trip locations include Eastbourne’s famous Beachy head and Oxford University colleges town.

Entertainment Programmes

In the evenings there is always something going on. Students have the option of joining in a disco party or sing some karaoke. Perhaps go to see a film at the cinema or enjoy a quiz/games night. Our students are never left bored.


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Arrival Starting from Flight surcharge Price

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