Magdalena Rasmus, Assistant director of Studies (adults)


Magdalena has been working at Cavendish School of English since 2013, first as a teacher and now as an Assistant Director of Studies. “English has always been my favourite subject so I happily decided to study it and I eventually did my Masters in English Literature. In my thesis I focused on Oscar Wilde’s literary works which was an entertaining experience due to his amazing wit and sarcastic sense of humour!”

In her free time, Magda loves exploring places in Dorset and walking on the Jurassic Coast cliffs. “I run a blog about Bournemouth – – and I am part of a group called Bournemouth Bloggers. I write about Bournemouth’s beautiful scenery, places to see, things to do, and restaurants where you can eat delicious food…so I can advise adult students about excursions and different activities!”

The funniest thing that has happened to you in the classroom was…

When I asked a student why he was absent yesterday to which he replied – Maybe sick.

When you were younger you wanted to be…

an actress or a dancer.

Tell me 3 famous people (dead or alive) you would invite to a dinner party …

Oscar Wilde, Michelle Obama and Justin Trudeau

If you could be an animal you would be…

a shark because I am scared of them and I would prefer to be a shark rather than to face one of them

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