Meet Catarina and Robin – students from Germany who did their work experience at Cavendish School of English

My name is Catarina and I’m studying in Germany to become a primary school teacher.

For my studies I had to do an internship, which I chose to do for 6 weeks at Cavendish School of English. I helped in the Academic Office and I really enjoyed the work with Magda, Shane and Daniel. I had some great experiences and helped them where I could. For example I helped to prepare tests and other materials for the students.

I also got to meet the teachers and had the chance to observe some classes. I was able to join the speaking workshop and the conversation club, which I really liked. There I could speak with a lot of students from different countries and got an inside look at other cultures.

Everyone at the school was nice and helpful. It was a lot of fun to get to know a new culture and to live in another country. Bournemouth is such a lovely city with a wonderful beach. But not only Bournemouth is beautiful. I visited other places like the Jurassic Coast, Bath and of course London! They are all worth a visit.

I’d like to thank Cavendish School of English (especially the academic department :-)) for the great time I had with them!

I hope to see them all again soon,



Hi, my name is Robin and I am a 22 year old university student from Germany. In the course of my studies to become a secondary school teacher of English in Germany, I have spent the last 6 weeks as an intern at Cavendish School and I want to give you an insight into what I have experienced in my time in England.

First of all, I joined the Accommodation Office and was involved in a number of administrative tasks which included activities in the field of marketing and accommodation. During my work in the accommodation office, I have got to know the daily life in a language school behind the scenes. A language school includes way more than teaching lessons; in fact there are significant administration related tasks to cope with. I really enjoyed my time in the accommodation office, not because of interesting and challenging tasks and the fact that I had the chance of getting a good insight into the administrative side of a language school, but also because of the lovely people that welcomed me very warmly and helped me whenever needed.

After 4 weeks it was time to say goodbye to the Accommodation Office and I joined the Academic Department, which deals mostly with the actual lessons at the language school. My tasks in the Academic Office were very diverse, whether assisting the teaching staff, preparing materials for the students or advertising upcoming events in the school, it was very beneficial for me and it was fun to be part of the team.

Additional tasks that I had the chance to deal with were, for example, escorting students on their flight transfers or picking up new students at various airports in London.

I stayed with a lovely host family that made my stay in Bournemouth extremely pleasant. My host dad even took me with him to his football team and gave me the opportunity to practice my hobby in England.

Bournemouth is a beautiful city on the seaside of England and provides you with an uncountable number of activities that will make your stay just phenomenal.

The staff was always nice and friendly and I had very good chats with them and we laughed a lot together. I actually felt like part of the Cavendish Family.

To wrap it up, my stay in Bournemouth was AWESOME!  


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