Meet Rita, Peter and Angela, teachers at Cavendish Malta


Hi I’m Rita,

 I’m a certified TEFL teacher with a B.A. degree and I’ve taught ELT intermittently for the past 10 years. I just love languages, especially English.  I’ve taught at some of the main schools in Malta but I found Cavendish School as being THE place where to be.  I’ve taught General English at different levels, even to mature students. My approach’s always been supportive, trying to encourage my students to reach their aims and to work upon their areas of study which need improvement. I can also teach using a more traditional communicative approach by following a course book. But whichever way I use, even on a private 1-1 basis, I’m always intent upon developing the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The different cultures I meet contribute to my job satisfaction.

To sum it all up, I think I can identify and address the needs of every student.


I’m a 44 year-old Englishman who loves the English language. I enjoy working out where idioms come from and how they reflect my culture. I also love learning about unusual phrases in other languages, expressions we don’t have in English.
My teaching philosophy: I think it’s really important to discover exactly what each student needs, and provide it.

I’ve taught English in China, Peru, Spain, England, California, Tanzania and Madagascar, and my students have included schoolchildren, warriors, headmasters, zookeepers, murderers and air traffic controllers. I have two TEFL certificates and a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching English.

I like working at Cavendish School of English. The staff are fun and friendly and very approachable and the building is elegant and full of mysteries. The textbooks are interesting and I like the freedom given to teachers to inspire confidence in class.


Hello, my name is Angela and I have been teaching at Cavendish School, Malta for 3 years. I began my English language teaching career 16 years ago, after I completed my teacher training studies. During these years  I have taught various language studies such as;  Cambridge Exams and Business English, as well as General English courses to adults and young learners of all levels and abilities from various countries in Europe and also from other continents, including Africa and South America.

I feel really grateful that I have been able to have this career, because for me teaching has been a very satisfying experience, especially at Cavendish School, Malta. I believe that our school offers great educational programs, which enable learners to develop their language skills in a creative and caring atmosphere.  Creativity is something very close to my heart, as in my free time my favourite hobbies are painting and pottery.

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Dates and Fees

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