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” Ciao my name‘s Moreno, I’m Italian and 45 years old.

I decided to improve my English in Malta, mainly for business reasons.

I thought it goes like this in all language schools, you go there, attend school and school activities, improve your English, you have a little bit fun and finally you go home with a certificate. But at Cavendish School of English in Valletta, it‘s a bit different but much, much better!

First of all, the teachers at the school are very professional and helpful. They use modern education methods and this make it a joy to learn English. Despite or because of the exciting learning we always have a good laugh. This creates a very good mood every day. But the most impressive things at Cavendish is the family atmosphere that prevails in this school. All students whether they are from Germany, Italy, Spain etc. Everyone has this feeling after a short time! The school is like a second home. This is mainly due to the school director Tess Giordmaina, she‘s really the ‘‘good soul‘‘ of Cavendish School of English and I admire her very much.

From the beginning to the end i spent a wonderful school time. The combination of learning and vacation were the best for me and I’m convinced that anyone who will visit this school will be enthusiastic too.

The island of Malta has a lot to offer and the nightlife is really good. Everyone will find something suitable. I’ll surely visit Malta and Cavendish School of English again.”






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Dates and Fees

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