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Halloween, Día de los Muertos, 清明节… This is how the festival is celebrated around the world

It’s officially Halloween, one of the most awaited nights in the world. At Cavendish School of English, we wondered how Halloween is celebrated in different parts of the planet, so we asked our international students and multicultural staff. This is what we found out.     There are lots of European countries, like Spain, Poland…

Dracula and Dorian Gray

Read between the lines!

One of the hardest skills to learn when you’re studying English is reading. Many students get stuck on words they don’t know and give up, or some of you may even find it quite boring! However, reading is an incredibly valuable skill and can improve your English in many ways. It’s a fantastic way to…


When a student makes your day.

Sometimes, it feels really nice when someone gives you a pat on the back with some positive feedback, or simply by telling you “great job”. Today, we would like to share with you the words of one of our former students at Cavendish School of English. Her name is Nada and she studied at our…


Five Songs that will help you to improve your English

  Music is a universal language. It cheers you up, makes you feel good, relaxes you…it’s great therapy for disconnecting from your daily worries. Music is fun, and if you really love listening to songs, you will soon find out that it’s a really good way to learn English. I know, sometimes it’s hard to…


It’s officially autumn!

It’s been one week since we welcomed a new season – autumn. Yes, the weather makes us feel a bit melancholic at times, but you have to admit that it’s a beautiful time. The leaves are changing from green to orange, yellow and red. Cafes offer cinnamon and pumpkin spiced teas and coffees which you…

LET’S TALK ROYALS! Conversation Club devoted to the Royal family and the Royal Wedding

On the 19th of May Prince Harry is marrying the American actress Meghan Markle which is a huge event in the UK! We decided to celebrate it with our Adult students by eating traditional English cream tea (tea, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam), reading articles about the wedding and talking about the Royal…

What Our Students Say

People at Cavendish School of English are very polite, friendly and opened to listen to your needs. Diversity of teachers helped me a lot to improve my listening and speaking.


First of all, I’d like to thank Cavendish School of English and our educational agency for the organisation of the trip. We were very satisfied with everything!

Maksym and Danylo