Our students Matthias, Alexander, Juergen & Oswaldo

Matthias and Alexander, both from Germany, really enjoyed their lessons. Matthias has decided to come to Cavendish School because he likes travelling and he knows that English is very important to communicate with people from all over the world. He also wanted to impress his daughter and son as they both speak English very well. We are sure that your children are proud of you Matthias! Alexander needs to communicate with foreign customers at work. We hope that our lessons helped you to feel more confident Alexander. Thank you for choosing us, best of luck gentlemen!

Matthias and Alexander

Juergen, our student from Austria, has his own company which sells frozen vegetables and fruits. He has chosen Cavendish School of English to improve his spoken English and to be able to communicate with his customers more effectively. Juergen enjoyed Cavendish experience so much that he is planning to come back to Cavendish in May. He was a very diligent student and has left with an upper-intermediate certificate. Congratulations Juergen!


Oswaldo, who is originally from Peru, works in a company in Madrid, Spain. He works as a Marketing manager and is a specialist in CRM. Although he came to Cavendish only for one week, he really enjoyed the opportunity of meeting new people from different parts of the world. Oswaldo said that his teacher Wayne had been very engaged and extremely passionate about teaching. Good luck Oswaldo and hope to see you again!






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Dates and Fees

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