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Cavendish School of English opens its doors to the students from Tambov State Technical University and celebrates the success in educational partnership The co-operation has been instrumental in setting up this important opportunity for Russian students to experience British culture and master in an efficient way, with highly professional teachers, the English language skills that are so vital to have for one’s bright and exciting future.

Natalia Gunina
“I was lucky to be the group leader in the first educational trip of TSTU students to Cavendish School of English, which is based in Bournemouth, England. The participants of the programme did a General English Intensive course, consisting of 40 lessons of English, conversation clubs, tests, quizzes and, of course, sightseeing trips. I hope all the students managed to improve their language skills, get to know the UK better and meet new people. I’m sure that for many of them it was a big challenge as they had to stay with host families, and adapt to new environment, which was easy as the British are friendly and positive to foreigners. I’m happy that the students of our university had a chance to immerse themselves into the British culture, the language they are learning and become more open-minded as well as more motivated.”

Lyubov Korneva
“…I dreamt of visiting the UK since I started to learn English at school, and, luckily, my dream came true! Everything was really good – the lessons, the teachers, the host family, and of course, Bournemouth. It is easy to learn the language when you’re in England, and soon you begin to understand that your English is getting better and better.”

Anastasia Zyablova
“This course at Cavendish School of English gave me very useful knowledge about the unique British culture and the opportunity to practice both speaking and writing skills. I think studying in the UK is not only about improving your English skills, you’ll have an opportunity to see lots of popular tourist attractions and historical places in the south-west of Great Britain.”

Anna Skobeeva
“Travelling combined with studies gives you a lot of opportunities to explore the country and its culture. Our wonderful trip to Great Britain seems to be a marvelous example. To be honest, I enjoyed every moment of our stay in the UK: from magnificent colours of bright autumn in November’s England, to our interesting and very informative lessons of English. We lived in Bournemouth, which is in the south of England. It is a lovely place to stay with a friendly atmosphere and, that is very important, with very good English without any local accents, which is great for us foreigners. Our school was in a beautiful residential area. It is a very nice place and, without any doubt, there we became much more fluent in English, learned a lot about Britain, its history and many other interesting facts. Many thanks to our great teacher, Rupert, who is a real connoisseur of British history!”

Yulia Vinokurova
“The trip to Bournemouth wasn’t just a chance to improve my English, but also to believe in myself and my abilities. School lessons didn’t strain and were interesting. The teachers supported the students and helped everyone, without exception. Apart from lessons, I’ll never forget trips to London, Bath, Christchurch, out-of-class activities, socialising with foreign students and much more. Certainly, I would like to come back again. Those 2 weeks were fantastic!”

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Dates and Fees

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