Rita Borg, teacher at Cavendish School of English, Malta


Rita is a certified TEFL teacher with a B.A. degree and she has taught ELT intermittently for the past 15 years. “I adore languages, obviously English being my first preference. However I can easily communicate in French and Italian…which at times helps me to communicate with my students at beginner or elementary level in their L1…so as to improve their understanding skills.”

“I`ve taught at some of the main schools in Malta, but I found Cavendish School THE place to be.”  Rita has taught General English at different levels, even to mature students. Her approach has always been supportive, trying to encourage her students to reach their aims and to work upon their areas of study which need improvement. “I can also teach using a more traditional communicative approach by following a course book. But whichever way I use, even on a private one to one basis, I`m always intent upon developing the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The different cultures I meet contribute to my job satisfaction.”

Rita, tell us what are the three things you would take on a desert island

My boat so I can go out fishing, the way I know, and have something to eat; my dog so as to keep me company and to guard me from any possible danger; and any seeds of fruit and vegetables to make them grow into trees.

If you could be an animal you would be:

The Golden Eagle, soaring up high in the blue skies…but I’d choose where to fly to avoid being hunted down and lose my beauty!

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