Sarah’s experience in Bournemouth

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m from Germany. I’m 21 years old and at the moment studying to become a secondary teacher.

I worked as an intern at Cavendish School of English in March 2017 and I really enjoyed it. The team were really nice and it was a fun and productive working environment. I got to work in the academic department and made some great experiences, especially regarding to my further future plans.

Bournemouth is a beautiful city with a lovely beach and a cute little town centre, so definitely worth a visit. I also got the chance to join a trip to the Jurassic Coast which is stunning. London isn’t too far from Bournemouth either – it’s just a bit more than two hours away by coach.

I gained an insight into the different tasks of the academic team, I was also able join the speaking workshop a couple times which was great to receive an impression of the lessons itself. As I was preparing tasks and tests with the academic team, I also gained a valuable insight into the different materials and tests which are used.

Together with another intern, I was staying in a host family. We quite enjoyed our stay there. The host family was lovely and really nice. It was quite easy to catch the bus to the city and to the beach from there as well.

As I really enjoy speaking in English and getting to know different cultures, this working experience was just perfect for me. I got to live in a different country for one month and met some nice people over there. It was a lot of fun and just a great experience in general. I’m glad I took this opportunity and I wouldn’t mind coming back at some point!



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