Some testimonials from our Adult students

Viera, 64, from Slovakia – “I enjoyed every minute of my stay. The standard of teaching at the school is on a really high professional level.”

Jorge, 42, from Spain – “I liked the lessons because they were dynamic and funny!”

Cristina, 18, from Spain – “I don’t think that there is anything that could have been better.”

Karolina, 18, from Czech – “[The teachers] were polite, friendly, patient and I felt that they like their job.”

Ursula, 67, from Germany – “All teachers are competent and they can adjust to the different levels of their students.”

Yvonne, 42, from Germany – “[The lessons were] well prepared, very flexible and contained practical examples.”

Matthias, 33, from Germany – “I liked that the teacher spoke slowly, clearly and explained things in a simple way.”

Iva, 27, from Czech – “[About my lessons I liked the] relaxed atmosphere where students could ask questions at all times while being accepted the way they are.”

Sasha, 18, from Argentina – “I think the teachers were excellent, we had a lot of fun besides studying.”

Liudmyla, 53, from Ukraine – “The teachers have an excellent knowledge of their subjects.”

Anastasiia, 23, from Urkaine – “The teacher was professional, polite and interesting.”

Kai, 21, from Japan – “I can say Cavendish is the best school in Bournemouth.”

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Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees

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