“Ten Cavendish Guides”

This is a lovely poem created by our own tour guides. It was read in our last staff party and we loved it so much that we wanted to share it with you:

 “There were 10 Cavendish guides,
standing in a row,
They were asked where Portsmouth was,
one said he didn’t know!

There were 9 Cavendish guides,
sitting on the floor,
One fell in a hole, down at Durdle Door!

There were 8 Cavendish guides,
dancing in the rain,
Waiting for the Portland bus,
one fell down the drain!

There were 7 Cavendish guides,
to Winchester they went.
The Round Table fell on one,
and he ended up quite bent.

There were 6 Cavendish guides,
London they went to see.
The Queen invited one of them in with her,
To have a cup of tea!

There were 5 Cavendish guides
Sitting on the wall
One went to the Forest
and he lost all his balls!

There were 4 Cavendish guides
Waiting at the school,
One ate too many pies
On a trip to Poole

There were 3 Cavendish guides
sitting in the sun
One went to the Salisbury Cathedral,
and he got mugged by a nun!

There were 2 Cavendish guides
Not wishing to make a fuss!
One of them got tiddly
And fell right off his bus!

There was just one guide left
All on his lonesome own!
So he waved goodbye to Tammy
And buggered off back home!!”
Cavendish School of English Brochure


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