Tess Giordmaina, Head of Cavendish in Valletta, Malta

Tess Giordmaina is our Head of School and Director of Studies at Cavendish School of English in Valletta, Malta. She has been working in the English language industry for 18 years. We asked her to talk about her experiences and background.

“I started teaching English on a full time basis in 2006, after I earned my BA (Hons) in Tourism Management. I taught General, Exam and Business English courses at different levels (ranging from elementary to advanced levels of English) to adult students from various parts of the world, not only in Malta, but also in Germany. Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date, and throughout my teaching career I’ve kept on developing and have strived to become a better teacher. In fact, in March 2010 I earned a First Certificate for Teachers of Business English, issued from the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry). In February 2013, I successfully completed my Trinity DipTESOL qualification (from Trinity Guildhall London), which enabled me to expand my horizons and climb up the career ladder, and eventually be promoted to Head of School and Director of Studies here at Cavendish School.

“It is always interesting meeting students from all over the world and being part of peoples’ learning experience. I have an overall interest in foreign languages and have taken courses in Italian, German and Spanish. Apart from walking my dog, my main hobbies are cooking, reading, travelling and shopping!”

When I was younger I wanted to be….. an air hostess, because I’ve always had a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures.

If I could have a superpower, I’d….. like to be able to fly, so I could visit every country in the world.


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