What content should be included in a perfect English language course book?


Our teachers met with James Pallister, ELT sales executive, and Laura Palmer, who is a publishing editor, to discuss how ELT course books could be improved in future editions. The teachers gave professional feedback about what sections of the course books are good for students’ language development and what sections could be slightly changed.

They all agreed that a good course book should have the following features:

-Well-explained grammar.
-Authentic language that you can hear ‘on the street’ so that students sound natural when they speak.
-Content related to all cultures so that students from different countries can identify with the topics.
-Well-structured pronunciation sections.
-Additional resources for pair work or students who finish exercises much faster than others.
-Videos and games for some entertainment.

They are happy they could give feedback to Laura and hope it will help her and her team to create an ideal course book for both teachers and students.

If you are an English language teacher or student, tell us what is important to you in a course book!

Author: Magdalena Rasmus

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