Adult Courses in England

Why learn English in Bournemouth?

Full immersion is the best way to learn a new language.
Study English in England, surround yourself with English people and their culture and you’ll be on the fast track to success.

Language classes

Language classes are with qualified and experienced English teachers.

As well as focusing on the core skills of grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, classes are also designed to help students communicate well in everyday situations.

At Cavendish School of English we have a wide range of teaching materials, modern teaching methodology and technology to ensure that your learning experience is engaging and effective.

Cavendish also offer a conversation club to help students master the art of informal communication.


Socialising is a very important part of learning a language. Here at Cavendish we offer lots of events and excursions helping you to interact with other students as well as giving you the chance to be a tourist in this beautiful part of England.

Bournemouth is a very entertaining town to stay in with a variety of events all year round and more nightlife than the West End of London! Lessons always take place in the mornings, so what is there to do in the afternoons? You can use that time to do some self-study of course, or you could chill at the beach or at one of the many coffee shops around Bournemouth.

You could also book an excursion with us. All excursions are fully guided and costs start from £8 for a half-day excursion. Just ask at reception.

The main learning objectives are

Development and expansion of communication skills, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension.

Facilities at Cavendish School of English in Bournemouth

  • 30 classrooms – most equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • IT room exclusively for adult students with free ultra fast access to internet
  • Free ultra fast Wi-Fi for the entire campus
  • Latest in-house multimedia facilities
  • Events venue for cinema/nightclub/disco/karaoke/party nights
  • Large, modern and beautiful conservatory
  • Canteen with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Vending machines are available with snacks and drinks
  • Home cooked barbecue in the summer
  • All public areas are fully air-conditioned
  • Landscaped gardens with palm trees, decked terraces and plenty of seating
  • Little London! This little taste of London is based in our gardens for all our students to enjoy. Cavendish students can find famous icons from London and the United Kingdom including a red London bus which has been converted into a café downstairs and has video screens and music equipment upstairs
  • The Little London catering trailer provides a variety of hot meals all year round

Our courses

General English

  • All levels
  • 1 – 50 weeks
  • 20 + 4 Lessons p. week

General English programmes are designed for students of almost all levels who want a good foundation of English in a wide variety of language areas.

Besides grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, the main aim of our English language courses is to help students communicate well in everyday situations within an English-speaking environment. General English programs are available for all levels of ability and for all age groups. Do not be shy; our oldest student to date is 85 years old!

All students who successfully complete a course at Cavendish School of English receive a Certificate of Achievement, in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Students of all abilities will quickly become more confident and fluent on the course.

Students will be able to practise their newly-learned skills and vocabulary in a relaxed and supportive classroom environment and in the Cavendish Conversation Club.

A wide range of teaching materials, modern teaching methodology and technology are used to ensure that classroom sessions are interesting and relevant to the students’ own experiences.

Standard and Premium

General English courses and Business English courses are available in Standard and Premium.

Standard courses have no more than 15 students to a class. Premium courses have no more than 8 students per class.

For a complete list of all the benefits Premium comes with, please download our dates and fees.

General English

For up-to-date prices please download our Dates & Fees

Cambridge & IELTS English exam preparation courses

  • All levels
  • 4 – 12 weeks
  • 25 Lessons p. week

Our exam preparation courses really work! If you require a recognised qualification that will show you have the ability to communicate at a high level in both written and spoken English, the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) is the ideal course.

CAE (Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English) is a qualification that is recognised as proof of a very high level of fluency in English.

The CAE is highly regarded by prospective employers, thereby improving your job opportunities.

IELTS (level 6 or above) is accepted as evidence of your ability to study in English by educational establishments throughout the English-speaking world. This qualification is often a prerequisite for entrance to higher education at university or college.

Examination courses concentrate on real language situations using a wide variety of materials including: video, contemporary literature, newspapers and materials specifically designed by your course teacher to enhance your abilities and skills.

Our lessons are available all year and they are designed to prepare you for examinations held in March, June and December.

IELTS examinations are held most months. This means, whenever you have reached the required level you can be entered for the examination.

Of course, your course tutor will be there to advise and guide you through this process. Examinations take place in Bournemouth and will cost approx. £140.

The required level of English for the IELTS course is usually Upper Intermediate.

Cambridge & IELTS English exam preparation courses

For up-to-date prices please download our Dates & Fees

Business English courses

  • All levels
  • 1 – 50 weeks
  • 25 + 4 Lessons p. week

This highly intensive course is for busy managers and executives who need to be able to use English in a range of commercial situations. The course provides a high level of input from business publications, respected excerpts from various fields, and uses case studies for discussion and English language development. A thorough needs analysis will be carried out on arrival as the course will be specially designed to suit the specific business needs of the students.

Business English courses lesson length is 45 minutes.

Business English courses

For up-to-date prices please download our Dates & Fees

One to one English language tuition

  • All levels
  • 1 – 48 weeks
  • 10 – 30 Lessons p. week

A teacher entirely dedicated to you!

If you prefer individual attention and need to improve as much as possible in the time available, you will benefit from one-to-one tuition with our friendly and approachable teachers.

One-to-one tuition is custom-designed for the individual student and tailored to meet their exact requirements.

One to one English language tuition

For up-to-date prices please download our Dates & Fees

Adult Courses overview

CourseCourse numberLessons per weekAdditional studyLanguage levels for entryCourse duration (weeks)Minimum age
 General EnglishG120 + 4
(15 hours+3h)
YesAll levels1-5016
 Intensive EnglishG225 + 4
(18.8 hours+3h)
YesAll levels1-5016
 Super Intensive EnglishG330 + 4
(22.5 hours+3h)
YesAll levels1-5016
 Cambridge Exam Course First Cert.C125
(18.8 hours)
 Cambridge Exam Course Cert. in Adv. EnglishC225
(18.8 hours)
YesUpper Int.4-1216
 IELTS exam prep.C325
(18.8 hours)
 Business EnglishB125 + 4
(18.8 hours+3h)
 One to OneT10-30
(1 lesson=1 hour)
 YesAll levels1-4816

* 1 lesson is 45 minutes. Maximum class size is 8 or 15 students, depending on package booked. Lesson times are Monday to Thursday from 8:45 to 13:00 plus our conversation club on Friday mornings unless there is a national bank holiday on Monday in which case lessons begin on the Tuesday and conversation club will on Friday afternoon during that week. There is no reduction in the course fee’s where a course includes public holidays (e.g. Bank Holidays ( )). If more than 20 lessons per week have been booked lessons will continue in the afternoons from 13:30. Conversation Club is every Friday for 4 lessons (3 hours). In our Conversation Club you will sit together with other students and teachers and have an informal conversation, together with a cup of coffee or tea and some biscuits. You can ask your teacher anything about your lessons – maybe you didn’t understand something during your regular lesson – or you can have a political discussion with you fellow students – of course all in English. Our Conversation Club is about using what you have learned throughout the week. Our Conversation Club is voluntary but very popular.

Cavendish School is open all year round except for 2 weeks over Christmas.

Please note:

Because we accept students under 18 years of age on adult courses, we take special care of them by;

  • Providing home stay hosts that are DBS checked
  • Regular checks on attendance records
  • Providing under 18’s with different coloured lanyards to make them more noticeable to staff

Although students under 18 years of age maybe enrolled on an adult course, they will have to obey and follow our junior rules and regulations.

Please refer to our Adult student handbook for more information.

Independent Travel

If an Under 18 requests a holiday or day off with an overnight stay an ‘U18 Permission to Travel Form’ must be completed before permission is granted.

  • Local visits on their own outside of class times to Poole, Christchurch or Swanage, which are all accessible via “More Buses”, will not require written authorisation.
  • A day trip booked or organised through the travel companies in the school, such as London, Oxford, Bath, Jurassic coast, etc. will not require written authorisation from the parents.
  • A day trip not booked or organised through the travel companies in the school will require written authorisation from the parents.
  • Any overnight trip, regardless of whether it has been booked through the school, going with friends or relatives, will require written authorisation from the parents.

Curfew Times

Under 18s must always be home for curfew times as set down below:

  • 16 years old – 22:30hrs
  • 17 years old – 23:30hrs

If an U18 returns home after the curfew times, the homestay provider will contact the school and appropriate action will be taken. Contact can be made out of hours using the homestay emergency number.

For under 18s studying on an adult course, please refer to our parental consent form here.

The Teaching at Cavendish School of English

Cavendish School of English is very proud of the high standards of its English language courses. Our qualified teachers are friendly, approachable, and keen to help you make the most out of your time at the school. Whether you are young or old, at elementary or advanced level, have special requirements such as preparation for the IELTS examination or need to improve your Business English, we will help you achieve your goals. By discussing what your expectations and objectives are, our teachers will specifically design language courses to provide the best possible results for you. Please find an overview of the available courses in the table above. You will find detailed descriptions of the language courses by clicking on the respective tabs above.
Whatever your needs, you will find a suitable language course at Cavendish School of English.


Accommodation offers you a choice of modern and comfortable residence accommodation in the centre of Bournemouth or, if you prefer 100% English immersion, you can stay with one of our carefully selected home stay providers.

“Call Cavendish School of English Today on: +44 (0) 1202 770070”

Discover Bournemouth

Green and Safe

Known as the ‘Garden City by the sea’ and recently voted as the top seaside resort in the UK, Bournemouth is only 90 minutes away from London. It is said that Bournemouth has the cleanest air and is the safest place to bring up children. In addition, you also have the surrounding Dorset countryside with beautiful coastal walks as well as the picturesque and historic New Forest.

Today, Bournemouth is one of the most popular resorts in the country. Often the winner of ‘Britain in Bloom’, the town has gardens that are superb all year round. Through the town centre flows the river Bourne (from which Bournemouth takes its name).

Golden Beach

The seaside resorts of the English south coast are famous for their miles of sandy beaches and the pleasantly mild climate. Bournemouth is said to enjoy more sunny days than any other seaside resort in England.


There are plenty of department stores such as House of Fraser, Marks & Spencers and Beales, as well as plenty of high street fashion shops. Bournemouth is well known for its designer boutiques, jewellers and antique shops. If you like shopping, you will definitely feel like you’re in heaven!


Bournemouth University is very popular with foreign students with many coming to study in Bournemouth every year and making it one of the reasons why there is such a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Night Life

At night, there is always something to do. Nightclubs, restaurants, bars, casinos, outdoor events, cinemas and concert halls all provide great entertainment.

Students and tourists from all around the world gather for a party that nobody wants to miss! Even locals drive for an hour or more to enjoy the famous nightlife hotspot on the south coast.


Bournemouth is an ever popular holiday location due to it’s 11kms of fine sandy beaches which are perfect for beach volleyball, surfing, SUP boarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skis etc.  There are also plenty of places in the surrounding countryside and  in the New Forest where you can go horse riding, paintballing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking.

However you enjoy spending your leisure time, there is something here for everyone.

Did You Know?

Famous people such as David & Victoria Beckham, Jamie Redknapp (footballer), his wife Louise (pop star) and Madonna all own properties within the local area.

Discover Bournemouth’s surrounding areas



To the West of Bournemouth is the historic harbour town of Poole boasting the largest natural harbour in the world and in the middle lies the idyllic nature reserve of Brownsea Island.  Pleasure boats wait at the quayside and regularly make the short trip over to the island. Poole Harbour is a great location for water sports and fishing. The town‘s picturesque old quay retains its 18th-century charm and is an ideal location to have something to eat while overlooking the harbour.

Just outside the historic centre you can discover modern entertainment facilities at Tower Park leisure complex including Splashdown which is an indoor and outdoor water park, Bowlplex with their special GlowBowling and Empire Cinemas with 16 screens showing all the latest blockbusters.

Christchurch and The New Forest

Christchurch and The New Forest

To the East of Bournemouth is the historic harbour town of Christchurch which was founded in approximately AD 650 by missionaries. During the 18th and 19th centuries smuggling flourished in Christchurch and became one of the town’s most lucrative industries. The town’s harbour, beaches, nature reserves and historically important buildings have made Christchurch a popular tourist destination attracting some 1.5 million visitors a year. It has the longest parish church in England with a nave over 95 m long.
To the north-east of Christchurch lies The New Forest which is one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in Southern England with an area of 571 km². Here you can find thousands of wild-living horses and ponies and picturesque villages.



Portsmouth is the second largest city in the county of Hampshire on the south coast of England.

As a significant naval port for centuries, Portsmouth is home to the world’s oldest dry dock commissioned by King Henry VII in 1495 at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

Portsmouth Dockyard is also home to some famous ships, including “HMS Warrior”, the Tudor carrack “Mary Rose” and Lord Nelson’s flagship, “HMS Victory”

Did you know that this city is the birthplace of Charles Dickens?



This small market town is dominated by the twin towers of the imposing Minster church, but offers a whole lot more. The Minster was built in the 12th century and is recognised for its unusual chained library which is one of only four surviving chained libraries in the world.

The town centre’s recently modernised square is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and many shops offering fashions, antiques and arts. There is an antiques market every Friday, a flea market on Saturdays and a huge combination of the two on Sundays.

The historic town is beautifully situated on the picturesque water meadows of the River Stour, where it joins the clear, free flowing River Allen. The town’s recorded history dates back to the 8th Century and there are many historic buildings, narrow streets and delightful squares and courtyards to explore as well as model village where you can explore a miniature version of the town!

Every year in June this quaint town’s streets and small squares are filled with hundreds of musicians and dancers for the colourful Wimborne Folk Festival, the largest event of its kind in southern England.

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle is a fortification built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century that stands above the village of Corfe in the county of Dorset. Part of the English National Trust and only 8 kms away from both Swanage and Wareham, it is a major tourist attraction with more than 1,000 years of history to discover.

It is believed that King Edward the Martyr was stabbed to death here on the orders of his stepmother in 978 AD, so that her son Ethelred ‘The Unready’ could rise to the throne.

Corfe is an idyllic, quaint English country village complete with churches, pubs and tearooms. You can choose to sit and sample an English cream tea whilst looking at the castle ruins or a typical ploughman’s lunch in a pub if you prefer. Corfe has really old traditional pubs, one of which is actually an ‘old watering hole’ (it has an actual well and free running water underneath it) in fact, the pub is so small you might miss it. The village has amazing cottage style country shops and houses with thatched roofs, you can also take the steam train that runs from the village of Corfe to Swanage and back again.

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