English Lessons Online Live – Adults

from our school in Bournemouth, with the same teachers that would teach you in England – and that for an attractive price.

4 to 8 lessons per week*
4 weeks minimum

Start every Monday or Tuesday

Native English teachers

The same English teachers who would have taught you in our language school.

Not just lecturing – Active language lessons as in our school

with material output, mutual exchange and discussions, work evaluation, corrections by the teacher and virtual white board.

Max. 8 students per class
(usually 3-5)

so that the teacher can engage with each student.

Can be used with many devices

The language course can be joined with a PC/laptop, tablet or mobile phone wherever you have internet access.

Participation monitoring

the participation of students is monitored by the teacher.

Each level available

Online placement test before start

Certificate of attendance

after the end of the course.

Flexible duration

Minimum participation 4 weeks, No subscription, no automatic renewal!


Time (British Standard Time)

Day / LevelEither / and
2 Lessons (AM)2 Lessons (PM)
11:30 – 12:1512:15 – 13:0018:00 – 18:4518:45 – 19:30
MondayA1+ to B1A1+ to B1A1+ to B1A1+ to B1
TuesdayB2 to C2B2 to C2B2 to C2B2 to C2
WednesdayA1+ to B1A1+ to B1A1+ to B1A1+ to B1
ThursedayB2 to C2B2 to C2B2 to C2B2 to C2

Examples of our online courses



£12/per lesson
  • max. 8 students p. class (usually 3-5)
  • 4 to 8 lessons per week*

Individual one-to-one

£25/per lesson
  • for one student
  • 4 to 8 lessons per week*

*You might want to book up tp 16 lessons per week if your level is somewhere in between B1 and B2. In this case your lessons would be from Monday to Thursday at the time of your choice (either AM or PM).

Cavendish School of English Brochure


Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees

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