Facts that make students extend their courses with us

With 32 years of running institution, we have observed a pattern. We have experienced that the students who book a short term course with the intention to stay longer end up extending their courses with us. You might be thinking that, what makes adult students extend their courses with us?

  1. LESSONS: At Cavendish School we focus on the students’ needs and the range of teaching methodologies. Phases of group and pair work, presentations and role plays the speaking and communication skills help every student communicate individually. Ongoing assessment helps show teachers and students which areas need to be focused on more and which areas the students are already improving in.
    • Morning lessons: Our students study from New English File, Headway + Life.
    • Afternoon lessons: A more flexible approach is guaranteed as teachers choose from a variety of materials that all focus on the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages). Publishers are mainly Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson Longman, Macmillan and National Geographic.
  3. LOCATION: Cavendish School is located in a quiet residential area, ideal location for students to study in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The town centre is just 5 minutes on foot from the school and the beautiful sandy beaches just 10 minutes… Isn’t it cool?
  4. NATIONALITY & AGE MIX: We have usually a very good mix of ages and nationalities in the school- over 20 nationalities each year.
  5. ENVIRONMENT: We believe that students learn best when they feel comfortable and relaxed so we try to make every student feel like they are at home.
  6. MULTIMEDIA FACILITIES: All main classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. During conversations and presentation students learn how to make the lessons even more interesting and how to best utilize multi-media resources for easier understanding.

So now you know why our students love to study at Cavendish and what makes them stay even longer than decided. What are you waiting for, book now!




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Dates and Fees

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