Hasan’s charity work

Could you please share your experiences in a few words?
“10,000 Feet Tandem Parachute Jump at Honiton, Devon (30/06/2012) – After waiting more than 8 hours for the weather to clear, I managed to do my jump. Amazing, yet surreal, experience when free-falling – like Neo in The Matrix; after the parachute opened, however, the instructor began to control its direction. This caused me to have severe motion sickness, and I was feeling sick for a few hours. Still, a once-in-a lifetime experience!
Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge at Horton in Ribblesdale – 24 miles in 12 hours & 3 Peaks! (14/07/2012) – Great landscape, nice people. The event was attended by more than 100 people, so it was impossible to get lost. I made new friends, and was lucky enough to borrow a hiking pole – more invaluable than my compass/ map. The drive there was actually more challenging than the walk itself (8 hours there; 5 hours back). Nice pictures/ memories.
Half Marathon in London (28/10/2012) – Training every week; looking forward to it.”

How challenging were those trials for you?
“Both completed events were challenging for VERY different reasons. The tandem-jump was continually postponed for 8 hours, so it was difficult to relax/ keep enthusiastic; after the jump – motion sickness with a 2 hour drive back! For the Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge: the long drive there and back; the boggy marshes; some steep and slippery rocks while climbing the peaks.”

How much did you manage to raise?
“Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge – £179 (Target – £300)
Tandem Parachute Jump – £395 (OK)
Half-Marathon – £300 (OK)
 Nearly reached my target of £1,000..”

How do you feel rewarded?
 “I’m certainly not being financially rewarded, but I will feel rewarded once I reach my target of £1000. My contribution has been very small, but if I have helped in any way, so much the better. I have had the opportunity to do events/ meet people I wouldn’t normally meet. I’m looking forward to completing my challenges this year with the half-marathon in October!”

If you wish to sponsor Hasan, visit the following charity websites:
www.doitforcharity.com/hasan; uk.virginmoneygiving.com/HasanAhmet; www.justgiving.com/Hasan-Ahmet

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