Learning English on a family holiday in Bournemouth

Vera and Andrey are mother and son from Russia who decided to improve their English and chose Cavendish School of English because is one of few schools that offer English courses to juniors and to adults. Andrey enjoyed lessons and trips with students of his age while his mum socialised with international adult students. They stayed with the same host family so they could have family time together and share their experiences from each day.



It is a fantastic way for families to combine learning English with a relaxing holiday in Bournemouth, in the south of England. All made possible by Cavendish School of English!

Our school also has a family programme in Malta which allows adults and young learner students to be on the same timetable and explore the beautiful area in and around Valletta after studying. Malta is the perfect holiday destination for families, and has lots to offer to both adults and children of all ages. Join our school in Malta or Bournemouth and see for yourself!

Authors: Magdalena Rasmus & Jose Palacios

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Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees

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