Marvin, our work experience colleague

How did you like working in an English-speaking environment?
Before coming to England, English was definitely not my favourite language. However, I enjoyed my time from the very beginning. I had a very good start here as a Leader of a football group. After that, I started my work experience. To have English spoken around me all day, at home and at work was quite helpful to improve my English. It was nice to learn about the different accents, as, for example the strong accent of our caretaker or even the foreign accents of some colleagues. But especially it was the typical English accent I liked the most, so I was proud to hear sometimes that I also started speaking the same way.

What did you like most about Bournemouth?
Bournemouth is a very nice town with nice restaurants, parks and a lovely beach which was one of the places I liked the most. It is a nice place for young people because there are lots of language schools around that bring many students of my age from all over the world. Bournemouth is a nice place for shopping and it also has a lovely countryside to visit nearby. There is a well-structured network of public transport in the town.

What are your short term plans? Please tell us what you are going to do in Cuba, etc.
After my work experience here in Cavendish School of English I will go on holiday to Cuba, to hopefully improve my Spanish and discover another culture. Once back home, I will focus on my international ESA diploma in Business and Administration specialising in Tourism, Event management and Marketing.

Why is English important for your career?
As I said, English is an important part of my Curriculum and apprenticeship in the career path I have chosen since I will work in an international environment with people from all countries.

What do you like best about Cavendish School?
The best things about Cavendish School are the lovely, friendly and nearly always happy staff which I very much like to work with. Even in stressful times they can always find a moment to laugh and after work I had quite a lot of fun with some of my colleagues. I very much enjoyed the time here and hope to have the opportunity to come back.

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