Meet Juliana Alvarado Burbano – a ray of sunshine from Colombia!

We can’t express how sad we are to say goodbye to Juliana who spent 1 YEAR (!) in Cavendish. Her positive vibes, amazing sense of humour and a big smile will be greatly missed.

Below you can find Juliana’s testimonial about our school. Thank you for your positive words Juliana!

How would you rate your English before you came to Cavendish?

Before I came to Cavendish my English was very poor. I knew some words, but I was confused with grammar, pronunciation and listening.

How did your teachers help you to improve your English?

I had many teachers throughout my stay in Cavendish. My first teacher, who was lovely and patient, taught me basic English in the elementary level. My second teacher put much emphasis on pronunciation and grammar which helped me to move up to the pre-Intermediate level. In the pre-intermediate and intermediate level I have improved all of my skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The teachers were strict, but at the same time funny and we had a lovely time together. I took some afternoon lessons as well. My afternoon teacher made sure I speak fluently and pronounce words correctly which is very important to be understood by other people. I would not have learnt without my teachers’ patience and devotion.

Before you arrived in England, what did you want to achieve?

I have achieved all of my aims. I can understand others and I am confident to have a conversation in English with people from different countries. I can watch English movies and read English books. I am very happy about my progress.

How would you rate your host family experience?

Thanks to my first host family, who were very patient and understanding when I did not speak very well, I felt safe and not that homesick. My second host family helped me to improve my speaking and pronunciation. I spent lovely moments with both families and thanks to them I did not feel alone or unsafe in a foreign country.

What did you most like about your stay?

I love Bournemouth and I love different seasons because in Colombia we don’t have seasons, we have only summer. My favourite seasons were spring and summer because I had a good time with my friends and teachers. We did sport activities for example we played volleyball and cricket, we had some BBQ on the beach. We also went roller-skating which was really funny!

Did you take part in any trips?

Yes, I took part in many trips. My favourite was Jurassic Coast because there is a beautiful beach and I swam with my friends.

If you were to recommend Cavendish to your best friend, what would you say?

Cavendish is like my second home. People who work in this school are lovely and I don’t have enough words to express how much you helped me and how much you have done for me. I am very grateful. Thank you!



Thank you Juliana!

With love,
Cavendish School

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