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Natalia from Moscow

Dear Cavendish School,
Thank you very much for letting me explore Bournemouth!
I was first choosing between Torquay, Brighton and Cambridge. But they said that Torquay is too boring and rural whilst Brighton is too busy and Cambridge, way too expensive to live in. I am so happy that I made the right choice in the end and came to study in Bournemouth! It was a stunningly beautiful place with sandy beaches, a dozen of green leafy parks and clear blue sea! I was so happy each day as my way to school was through the beautiful park with a small pond, lots of flowers and pine trees. I really had fun because the school itself is located in a nice residential area within the city surrounded by a park on one side and a cricket field on the other side. Plus it’s just a stone’s throw to the city centre which was vibrant and buzzing with lots of little cafes and shops. That was what just what I needed after Moscow! I felt like I plunged myself into a fairy tale!
What I mostly enjoyed about Cavendish School was that every single member of the staff was so caring and considerate and that really made me feel at home. They have a very pleasant conservatory to spend your free time with in between lessons. The area has a glass roof that creates a special greenhouse effect which provides warmth, light and joy no matter what the weather outside is. It’s a perfect place for a cup of coffee or tea, to have a chat with other students or watch BBC news.
I am also ever so grateful to the teaching staff. I had previously passed the English test online. Based on my results, I was allocated into the Upper-Intermediate group. I was really surprised. But after 2 days I realised that I could not really converse very well and the degree of my speaking ability was much lower than my grammar skills. I therefore moved to the Intermediate group. The teacher gave us a lot of extra exercises and interesting assignments. She was generally so professional, knowledgeable, artistic at times, patient and very understanding. She really is a born-to-be- teacher. And finally, all of the lessons were very informative and interesting.
My family was fairly young and very outgoing. They told me how to best spend my leisure time in Bournemouth, where to go and what to try. I am very thankful to them for being so informative. To cut the long story short, it was in Bournemouth that I discovered an interesting blend of tourism and educational.
So thank you very much to my agent, Hanna Banks, my teacher in Cavendish School of English, Rupert, for introducing me to this beautiful city and this wonderful school


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