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What’s the teaching methodology at our school?

At Cavendish School we focus on the students’ needs and the range of teaching methodologies. One example being communicative language teaching (CLT). Teachers are also encouraged to incorporate Target Based Language teaching + content based instruction- this allows teachers and students to really hone in on the specific vocabulary and grammar according to the level of study. All teachers are aware of employing a student centred approach to their practice too. Lessons are not about teachers giving lectures these days!
Phases of group and pair work, presentations and role plays the speaking and communication skills help every student communicate individually. Students have the opportunity to address any issue publicly with minimal language error. Modern media ensures an up to date approach to authentic English language usage. And of course the lessons focus on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation which helps to ensure that the basics are learned and revised regularly.
Ongoing assessment helps show teachers and students which areas need to be focused on more and which areas the students are already improving in.

Do the students do a placement test on the first day? What does it consist of?

All students do a placement test on their arrival day. This placement test gives students the chance to show their abilities with regards to listening, reading, language awareness and writing. The tests are then marked and according to the sore the students are assigned to classes.
For individual courses like one to one and Business English the students have the chance to fill in a needs analysis form which then helps the teachers focus on certain topics and specific aspects of language development.

What books or related institutional reference do we use?

Our adult international students are studying from New English File, Headway + Life for our morning lessons. In the afternoons a more flexible approach is guaranteed as teachers choose from a variety of materials that all focus on the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages). Publishers are mainly Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson Longman, Macmillan and National Geographic.
We regularly upgrade our material for special courses like Exam preparation and Business English to make sure that all requirements and expectations are met pre examination.
For our junior courses we have created our own Cavendish Course Books and have combined our own material with material from different sources. All materials used are also in line with the CEFR. The Cavendish Course Books encourage student centred lessons as many of the units encourage (TBL) Task Based Learning.

How is the Conversation Club like? What topics do we normally cover?

The conversation club is “lessons without having lessons”. Students and teachers can focus on all topics that are of interest or discuss reading material, news or films. Cultural, regional and seasonal topics can be included as well. Together with a nice cup of tea and biscuits students can relax and open up. ‘Let the discussion begin…’

What are the teachers’ qualifications?

Experience in teaching English as a foreign language, certificates like the CELTA, DELTA or the Trinity CertTESOL and academic qualifications like Bachelor and Master Degrees are necessary to teach at Cavendish.

With regards to the holiday groups, what subjects are covered and which activities do we focus on in the classroom? Which levels are offered and how are students assigned?

The Cavendish Course Books focus on a variety of topics and activities. Topics like sports, media, music and culture are included. With activities like role plays, presentations and different projects students are given the chance to work in teams (by using the English language, new vocabulary, etc.) and take their speaking and writing skills to higher level.
Also cultural and UK related topics are included and the excursions can be focused on in lessons as well. The lessons are a part of the package and at excursions and social activities students can practise what they have learnt and focused on in the classroom.
Students do a placement test either at the school or online and are then assigned to the classes. On the junior side we offer levels from A0 (beginners) to C1 (advanced)

From the Academic point of view, why choosing Cavendish School of English?

The variety of courses are offered, from one to one to Exam preparation courses with the possibility of enjoying social activities or lessons in a holiday group. There is something for everyone even when it comes to our different sites. Our Brenscombe Adventure Camp attracts all wildlife and nature enthusiasts, Bournemouth has sandy beaches and popular sights which attracts adults and juniors alike. Also, Portsmouth is rich in maritime history.

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