The “Pasta Night”

At Cavendish Malta, Wednesday means Kathrin’s pasta night!

It has become a tradition now, every Wednesday we have Kathrin’s pasta night. Kathrin is one of our students and she is staying in the school’s penthouse, which she loves. Having good weather and a big terrace she decided to invite us over. All the students turned up for this event and we all decided to bring something with us. Some students got the wine, others got the dessert and I got some Maltese cheese and galletti too. There was a great variety of food and everything was delicious. I was delighted in seeing the boundless kindness shown by all.

We had a special guest, and that was Feebee, my 3 month old beagle puppy. Needless to say, with her cute face, she stole the show and we all agreed that she’s Cavendish mascot now

Pasta night with my students is one of the weekly highlights for me. Our school is a family, and to have the opportunity to come together, share stories, laugh and have a good time is a joy and a privilege. It was a relaxing and enjoyable evening and certainly a great way to spend midweek. Time flew by as we wined and dined over good conversation and a couple of jokes here and there. The glittering water and well lit buildings, were characteristics that made this night all the more welcoming. Students loved it so much that we decided to have another pasta night the following week. Now we all have something to look forward to as Wednesday’s pasta night has become a weekly tradition.

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