It’s officially autumn!

It’s been one week since we welcomed a new season – autumn. Yes, the weather makes us feel a bit melancholic at times, but you have to admit that it’s a beautiful time. The leaves are changing from green to orange, yellow and red. Cafes offer cinnamon and pumpkin spiced teas and coffees which you can enjoy while eating a warm piece of an apple pie and reading your favourite book or a magazine.

Shop displays are full of witch and zombie costumes reminding us about the upcoming Halloween celebrations. Finally, we can put our favourite warm sweaters and woollen socks on and get warm under a blanket while watching a TV series or…studying new English vocabulary (especially if you are a Cavendish school student :P) Who doesn’t like that?!

If you are a student in Bournemouth and are thinking about visiting a nice place in autumn, we recommend the New Forest. Have a lovely walk through the forest and admire wild ponies, deer and pigs running freely through the woods. If you’re lucky, you can encounter some mushrooms. Don’t pick them up – some of them are poisonous!

Author: Magdalena Rasmus

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